How to Flirt Online

June 21, 2017

Are you single and ready to mingle, only that your work schedule is too cramped to let you insert a bit of fun? Don’t fret; with social media and online dating sites just at your fingertips, it is easier now to meet new friends. That’s the beauty of internet technology for you. It allows you to connect with other people halfway across the globe at any time at your convenience. Furthermore, people are more open to discussing deep topics online, because typing down their thoughts is easier than speaking their minds.

However, with the absence of vocal tone and body language, what you say online can easily be misinterpreted, thus making flirting in virtual reality a little tricky. Not that flirting has always been easy to do in the real world, but the obvious disadvantage of online dating can make flirting a bit more challenging than usual. So, the question that you would probably be asking now is ”how do you flirt online?”

If you’re worried about feeling silly or sounding awkward when you flirt online, then read on. The following tips will help you breeze through any online conversation and flirt like a pro.

Flirting via Instant Messengers or Private Messengers

  1. Relax and Be Your Awesome Self

Putting on a façade to impress may be easy at first. But, maintaining that “image” will involve a lot of effort and consistency. So, it’s only right to just be yourself, unless it is your goal to deceive rather than make friends or find a potential love interest who will genuinely like you for who you are.

Most importantly, don’t forget to relax. After all, flirting is all about letting your hair down.

  1. Start a Conversation

The first step to making acquaintances is to simply take the plunge by saying, “Hi.” Don’t be nervous about making a good or bad impression, or feeling embarrassed about being rejected. It’s okay if you don’t get a reply; there are plenty more fish in the sea. But, if you do get a response, grab that opportunity to strike a conversation. Mentioning something from your chat mate’s profile that you may find interesting is a good way to jumpstart a conversation.

  1. Be Playful

You don’t have to get into a deep meaningful conversation just yet by talking about the war in Syria or global warming. Keep things light between you. Stick to trivial topics that will allow the two of you to get to know each other: favorite color, favorite band, Beatles or Elvis, Venice or Paris, etc. Better yet, crack a joke, laugh (write LOL or use emoticons of course), and just go with the flow. A little bit of teasing, once you feel comfortable enough with each other, can really make things exciting.

  1. Show Interest

Let your chat mates know that you are interested by paying attention to what they say and asking questions. Instead of ending your chat session with a polite “it was nice talking to you,” let them know that you had a blast of a time. “I had fun chatting with you” or “it would be great if we could chat again soon” are great compliments that let them know how much you appreciate their company.

  1. Compliment

Express your admiration by complimenting your chat mates not just on their looks, but on various other things that make them look cool or awesome in your eyes. Here are sample phrases to give you some ideas:

“Wow, your job is awesome.”

“You must be good at what you do.”

“You’re so funny!”

“I love it that you crack me up like that.”

“You have beautiful eyes.”

“I like your lips. Looks kissable.”

On Social Media

  1. Like and Comment On Some Of Their Posts

Take note of the word “some.” Don’t smother them with attention by liking and commenting on all of their posts. It can creep them. And, you don’t have to comment on how good-looking they are in the photos; leaving a short comment on the topic itself is okay.

  1. Don’t Gush

Don’t get carried away by raving about how hot they look in the picture. Maybe a subtle “wow” or “nice” will suffice for compliments. Or, you can use one of those cute emoticons for a bit of a comic touch. Do, however, comment on what the post is really about. Congratulate them if it’s about a new job or promotion. Admire the beauty of the place if it’s a new office, a hotel room, or snapshot of a travel adventure.

  1. Tag Your Photos

If you have photos together (given that you’ve met), don’t hesitate to tag your chat mate, or perhaps in this case, your friend. Let the world know that you know each other. If there is a post that your friend can relate to, let’s say an upcoming movie, don’t be afraid to tag them.

Flirting is all about having fun and enjoying someone’s company. To find someone to trade nude selfies with check out Selfie Swiper as it’ss the #1 naked selfie app and will put you in touch with a fuck buddy from their fuck book. Come to think of it, flirting online is easier than flirting in real life. So, relax, have confidence in yourself, get to know your online friends more, and enjoy your conversations every step of the way.

Best games to play on a date

March 2, 2017

Dates on a classy restaurant in town may still be romantic today, but there are plenty of ways to have fun on and spice up a date. This article will examine the best and most popular games to play on a date.


A person can learn many things about his or her date through a game of scrabble. Firstly, many people have a hard time finding a date that is mentally and socially compatible to them. A game of scrabble enables one to have a good measure of his or her date’s mental and social skills.

Secondly, they get to learn more about one another because they have more time to talk, in between their turns, than when in an actual date; the game removes the chances of awkward silences during formal dates.

Lastly, Scrabble, combined with snacks, drinks, and music, makes a good first impression on a date. Since the game has a quick tendency to be boring, especially for two people, one should only use the game as a background to get to know his date more.


There are many reasons why Yahtzee is a good game to play on a date. It is a laid-back game that does not spoil the event because it is fun and it can spur some positive competitiveness. A majority of the game is about luck; it does not need too much skill or attention to play, so the two can talk and get to know each other while having fun playing the game.


Jenga is almost a no-brainer on this list because it is easily one of the most popular games to play on a date. It does not require too much brain power to play the game, and it will certainly create a bonding experience. Jenga is a famous game for a reason, and one must use it to his advantage to have a wonderful date night.


Battleship is a flexible board game where players can adjust the rules to match the difficulty they prefer—the harder, the better. Fans of this board game know that it is loads of fun practically because it is a simple guessing game with a hint of strategy. Thus, there is little pressure for the date, in case it is her first time playing the game.


Sequence is another cool game to play on a date. It is easy to learn and play, but every game could take longer than average, which is a recipe for a boring date. However, chatting while playing Sequence is a good way to remove the uneasiness and reservations that one may have towards the date. Also, it gives the two a chance to relax and be themselves when playing the game compared to an overly formal date.


Although complicated games can sometimes stimulate competitive spirit for a date, a simple game can help one relax and ease into the dating process; Othello is one of the simplest games on this list. With only an Othello board and 64 reversible disks, it can easily turn a straightforward and awkward date into a fun and relaxed time.

Trivial Pursuit

Whether in its board game or electronic form, Trivial Pursuit is a good way for two people on a date to test general knowledge against one another and have fun in the process. Questions in Trivial Pursuit can help the two get to know more about the other.

Space Team

Space Team is a fun game to play, through cards or through mobile phone. While it is best to play this game with a group of three or more, playing this game with a date will certainly turn out to be a unique experience.

Since the game is built to engage cooperation between members, it is a good bonding experience for two people on a date especially when the game gets suddenly gets fast-paced and require fast communication and response.

Resident Evil 5

It is not hard to find gamer girls these days; and what is a better game to play on a date for a gamer girl than playing Chris and Sheva as a duo against wild African zombies. Resident Evil 5 is a wild card among games to play on a date. If one finds himself with a date that is not into board or card games, then maybe this one can save the day.

At the end of the day, the date should be the priority. Thus, if one wants to use a game to get to know his date, he has to make the right choice depending on his date’s interests. If you’re looking for a game partner and ever to meet and fuck check out Fuck Swiper. Fuck Swiper is the #1 app to meet and fuck and for finding a fuck buddy. You’ll be able to go through their fuckbook and find partners to play with. The article showed several types of games to play of a date, from the simple to the complicated—and even to the unpopular.